Thursday, January 29, 2009


The truth of the matter is that we do not have enough information about Barrack Obama to make a conclusion about the legitimacy of his elected status as President. And, that is the problem.
And, in the mind of any fellow countryman, that, in itself, sets the default position to reject the offering of him to that office. Yet, still, this man has been installed. A thespian acting under the guise of authenticity.

Any well adjusted, balanced individual understands that if a man’s authentication is submitted for approval upon the absence of vital information which, otherwise, might certainly disqualify him from that opportunity, then he was never authentic to begin with. And, therefore, anything he commands upon the authority he falsely believes he has, is null and void until he is brought before the standard bearer, in this case the Constitution, and measured to the standards it prescribes.

The mis-election of Barrack Obama has become the symbol of America’s tragic pathology. It stands to reason that he comes at us during this time in history, following a decade of fearful transfiguration, while America is exposed to the dangers of international, radical hate. We have emerged to a place in our national identity when we can no longer rely on the old boundaries, ideologically or geopolitically, as a protective buffer.
Wherewithin, it was held upon a truth that America was a nation of heroes and ideals which the rest of humanity had little understanding of, America didn’t become powerful and successful until the rest of the world recognized it as such.

And, in one generation, upon the blood and sacrifice of its greatest people, it became the quintessential treasure which the people of the world would aspire for. This was established so indelibly that the underachievers of earth’s inhabitants wager their very lives for the chance to come here. They abandon their known way of life for the dream reality of America without having ever been told about the reasons WHY America they should go.

So, let’s ask the question. What makes America this treasured place? What has made it simultaneously, the most loved indwelt and most remotely hated place on earth?

Some would say it is a place of opportunity. It certainly is. But, what is this ambiguously defined opportunity and who provides it? Is it an opportunity to come and live here while being supported by an over generous state welfare system, entitling a provision that cripples the recipient into believing that resources from which they benefit come to them at no cost to anyone else?

Certainly, they must understand the value of anything is established by those upon whom the price for it was exacted. Are the original patrons not the principled characters who made the transaction of value, in some form, whether by the exchange of effort, blood, property, money or service, and therefore are endowed, solely with the right to establish the value of subsequent attainments.
It is a vile injustice to advertise America as a place where we simply make and pay a day’s wages for a day’s labor without clarifying the requirement of labor needed to receive those wages. We must learn to tell the rest of the world that if they want to be Americans, they must understand the price those paid before them to make it a place they want to be. And, more importantly, they must understand WHO those grand nation makers were. They should be made to respect the substance of our historical worthiness and intent of our Creator’s purpose for America.
Immigrates and aliens alike should share our willingness to abandon immediacy and convenience with the hope of something far greater for posterity. As we are now, this is simply not true. We have become a vain trough of social pandering and wasteful entitlement for every foreign born vagrant with a suckling orifice or outstretched hand.

Or, is it the geographic and infrastructural resources which exist here that give America command? Systems of conveyance for transporting everything from information to food, from essentials to extravagances, from cargo to people in America are unmatched by any nation in the history of mankind.
It was estimated in 2006 by the International Economic Development Foundation that Americans move more materials and information every day than the rest of the planet’s inhabitants combined. As one example, when the earthquake occurred, triggering the tsunami which struck the Indian Ocean region in 2004, it was Americans, not Thais or Cambodians, or southern Indians who learned of it first. We received the warning before those in its path of destruction had, and the wave didn’t even reach the shores of America.

Or, if you believe like I do, it is because of a specific, very small minority of people in America that have made this nation such a treasure. They have their roots in our founding fathers and in the originators of the idea of America, which was handed to them by a higher Power. The value of America exists in the character of families and, more specifically, the history of sacrifice, generosity, ingenuity and selflessness. People like my grandfathers; Men willing to abandon their homes and families to defend foreign nations abroad from our enemies.

If it is ever said that America is a good place, it is because of these. They made America. They define it. And, they are the only ones privileged with the honor of determining the lawful eligibility of those who receive its blessings. They are the kings of our destiny. And, their throne remains as an expression of freedom and prosperity and blessings which are the America that the rest of world admires and hates with such passion.

Enter the pretend leader. Like a thief in our time of darkness, he raids our refuge as the illegitimate figurehead for which much effort has been taken to hide from our deeper consciousness the vile truth of his identities and standing. He has been created by liars, and promoted by them in such a way as to allow him to be as imperceptible, yet undeniable, as possible. Then, he is installed by the moral indigents of false creed under the execution of systemically flawed electoral processes.
Voila.......Barrack Obama.

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